Simple Bug Trick for Smart LTE 50 Promo

I saw this post from a trusted forum site and dated recently this 2015 so would be good if I can include this on my bug compilation. I have also read some good feedback so I think this is a must try!

Smart's LTE 50 provides unlimited internet connection and I also use this sometimes to download heavy files like movies and softwares. 

In this post, our objective is to bug Smart's system so we can extend our LTE 50 and use this for a couple of days without paying extra 50 pesos. This is very simple. No extra software needed.

Latest 2015 Working Internet Tricks for Globe Users

This just got in and I am sure most of you guys are annoyed about this announcement that Globe had make. This has something to do with their internet plans and unlimited connection for postpaid and prepaid subscribers. 

On March 16th, Manila Shakers posted that "Globe Tattoo New Data Plans, No More Unlimited DSL Offering" but old subscribers can grandfather or retain their plan from the beginning so this only applies to new customers. Too bad.

And it is also true that bugging Globe's network is getting harder and harder unlike before where we can easily bypass their data limit, have unlimited fast internet by just bugging their system etc.

That is why I am doing my very best to give you all the bugging/ hacking information that I know for you to access the internet for free without thinking of monthly data caps because in times like this, it is important to be informed that these things do exist and 100% possible.
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