Smart now offers free internet for prepaid subscribers

This is the most courteous promo of Smart Communications ever launched yet. If you can remember, Globe launches free facebook for their prepaid users but this time, Smart now offers free internet that lets you access almost all of your social networks and visit some of your favorite blogs! Again, this is not for free facebook but a lot more!
smart free internet 2014

You can also read their official press release about the said promo here.

Great Findings about Dragon City Game Cheats, Hacks and Breeding Techniques!

Dragon City is an online game from mobile phones and tablets that allow gamers to breed and combat with other players virtually using their Dragons. You can train your dragons to be equipped with future battles and be the first Dragon Master!
dragon city hack
Dragon City is made possible by SocialPoint

Ultimate Way to Hack PLDT MyDSL Wifi Password Using Android Device

This post is dedicated to those curious readers and want to know the ultimate way to hack a password of your neighbor's PLDT MyDSL wifi. MyDSL is I think the most used internet service provider these days because I myself is also using the same thing. I am hoping that my neighbors cannot read this post or else they might hack my internet access.

In this tutorial, we will be needing 3 items. An android device (any android device will do), wifi enabled android smartphone and finally, an available wifi signal from your neighbor.

Tickets and Venue for One Direction Concert in Manila 2015

I know that in the next couple of months, there will be thousands if not, millions of people who will be searching about where to buy One Direction concert tickets here in Manila because from what I have heard, tickets are already sold out.
one direction, concert, manila, tickets

So as an SEO performer for my blog, I decided to write something about it but don't worry, if you came here specifically for that reason, worry no more because I won't give you some false hope.

Finding Ways to Hack and Bypass PLDT Home Bro ULTERA

UPDATE as of 01-22-2015 : I just recently written a blog about this trick where you can bypass your HOME DSL Ultera's bandwidth or data limit. Good thing is, it is 100% working for some folks according to my source. Read this for more details!

Another LTE service for all of us available in the market. PLDT Home Bro just launches what they call ULTERA, dubbed as HOME's Fastest Wireless Internet.
hack ultera, bypass ultera
ULTERA, where you can enjoy unbeatable internet speed with the new PLDT HOME BRO.

Today, I am reserving this page for some of my future discoveries in hacking or bypassing the data limit of ULTERA.

HIKO Noselifting Non-Surgical Operation Prices and Clinics in Philippines

Are you getting upset whenever you see your nose in the mirror? Or do you think that you almost look perfect but because of your flat nose, your confidence is getting affected by it? Getting insecure with people who have that high, perfect nose?
hiko nosejob philippines
image credit to

Ready for Flappy Bird 2 with Multiplayer Mode this August?

One of the trending games in 2014 will return this August! And this is none other than, Flappy Bird! The creator of the game, Dong Nguyen confirmed during an interview that the newest version of the game Flappy Bird will be available for free downloads this August of 2014!!
flappy bird 2

Globe's GoSurf Promo for Prepaid and Postpaid Subscribers

This is another awesome and exciting news for Globe users as they launch their latest internet promo called GoSurf

If you are familiar with PowerSurf that allows you to browse the internet per Megabytes or MB, this promo also does the same exact thing. The difference is it has the capability to connect you to another Globe feature like Spotify.

Vice Ganda's Boyfriend as PBB All In Housemate!

There is a news all over the blogosphere about this PBB All In housemate who is one of the boyfriend/ boy friend of Vice Ganda.

This is none other than Axel Torres, the Jock-Next-Door ng Taguig. Axel is a basketball player in La Salle and we all know that Vice Ganda likes athletes so much!

Pinoy Big Brother All In Housemates Released! Is this Official?

PBB All in Update for everyone! This just got in. Although PBB All in is not yet on and everyone is waiting for it in vain, I will spoil you about the list of housemates for this season.
photo credit to Fashion Pulis Reader

Free Premium Spotify Philippines Code Up for Grabs!

For all music lovers out there, this will make your ears happy because Spotify is finally here in the Philippines and all thanks to Coca-Cola! Spotify is the most downloaded software for free music streaming and get connected with your favorite bands and over 25 million hits with only few clicks!

Spotify Philippines subscription is worth 129 pesos for a month of free music streaming. Since this is a code basis, meaning you have to get a code or an alphanumeric code, I am sure there is a great way for us to hack it.

[SEO Project] Pinoy Big Brother All In 2014

Another SEO project everyone! Be sure to blog about this topic because I am 101% sure that this will boost our blog's traffic performance for the next few months and this will also increase our earnings from PPC sites we are serving for.

As we all know, Pinoy Big Brother All In will be opening later tonight and they will introduce the 15 housemates who will be living inside Kuya's house for 100 days.

I had a segment about this before and had additional 15k pageviews added to my blog stats but this time, I'll make sure to focus and attract the most number of visitors. 

Witness the Opening of Pinoy Big Brother PBB All In

I have been a huge fan of Pinoy Big Brother or PBB since season 1 but the following seasons kind of overrated for me and I don't like it the way I did for Nene Tamayo's batch.

This Sunday, let us all stay tuned for the grand opening of Big Brother's or Kuya's house as they introduce the new housemates of Pinoy Big Brother All in, April 27, 2014!!

According to Laurenti Dyogi aka Kuya (based on my opinion), there will be 15 housemates. ALL IN means both teens and original housemates will be under the same roof. This will be exciting as we all see how things work.

[PROJECT] Free Mac Address this 2014!

I just got home from my hometown Zambales where I spent holy week in Capones Vista Beach Resort somewhere in San Antonio Zambales (separate blog post soon), and that is the main reason why I was on MIA status.

Anyway, this is official, I am creating an SEO project and guess what, it has been started so long ago and I am just continuing it.

Everyday, there are thousands of people trying to find for some free mac addresses for them to get unlimited internet without getting capped or limited by their service provider whether it's for smart, sun or globe users.

Mommy Dionisia Funny Memes During Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

First of all, Congratulations to Manny Pacman Pacquiao for winning the fight against Timothy Bradley. You only prove that you are indeed unbeatable when it comes to the world of boxing.

During the fight, you will notice Mommy Dionisia (Manny's mother) was holding a rosary on her hand with a booklet that seems to be a novena. But the other hand (middle finger) kept on pointing to Bradley. Was Mommy D cursing or hexing Bradley during the fight? 

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Result 2014

This page is dedicated for the fight of Pacquiao and Bradley: Vindication 2014. Scroll down for some updates until we know who will win the controversial boxing match.

Will it be Manny Pacman Pacqiao? Or Would it still be Timothy Bradley?

pacquiao vs bradley fight 2014 result
During their weigh-in. Look at those muscles!!!
The fight will be today, April 13, 2014 so I am sure most of the Filipinos are tuned in right now. You can watch the fight on your TV with tons of commercial but you can also watch it thru live streaming for free

Jessica Sanchez will sing the "Lupang Hinirang" again by the way. 

The fight is not yet on so be sure to stay tuned. Bookmark the page if you need to because this Pacquiao and Bradley 2014 fight will be part of the sports history again.

Get Samsung Galaxy S5 with Smart Postpaid

Samsung Galaxy S5 prices philippines

The much awaited moment for Samsung lovers out there - the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 in the market and your chance to have it and experience advanced features.

Smart Postpaid is offering this device to all subscribers who will pass their requirement. Here's how

Here are the things you will get if you apply for your own device.

  • Only 1,799 a month
  • Unli Surf with LTE smart signal
  • 9 mins ALL-NET calls
  • 99 ALL-NET texts
  • Free1 month Spinner VIP access
  • Free 12 months Gadget Shield
I am not yet sure how much is the regular price of Samsung S5 here in the Philippines. Will update you guys because I am pretty sure that there will be more people searching for that information in the future.

Uncap/Bypass 800MB Data Limit of Globe Tattoo Broadband

This is not a tutorial post about the title, rather an SEO project because if you are going to search this keyword on google, there are only 34,500 websites fighting for this but am not sure if this is a high keyword but still, I am going to give it a try.

Just an update, this blog has a total of 23 posts with 1,071 pageviews. I guess not bad for a baby SEO blog. lol!

Technically, my popular post is from Singapore about TypicalBen or Ben Toh being gay. That is just an experiment post and I am not sure if people are curious about Ben's sexuality or not. Answer is, yes they are indeed interested! Ben Toh is indeed a popular one! Guess what, I am going to follow up the entry hoping that it attracts more audience. Feeling so bad about this but hey, it's part of the SEO trick, be a bait!

BENCH Steal an Artwork without Permission

There is this news spreading like a wildfire on the internet about Bench apparel that steal a concept from an artwork without any kinds of formal permission to the owner.
bench steals artwork
image source:
If ever this news is correct, this is such a disgrace to Bench Apparel. They are selling this shirt for 399.75 pesos without even asking a permission to the owner of the artwork.

(Trick and Tutorial) Free Unlimited Internet for Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro Users!!

There are two top internet service providers here in the Philippines, Globe and Smart Telecommunications. And both are offering unlimited internet for the right amount. But is it really unlimited? NO.

I subscribed to both of them for 999 pesos a month and according to their advertisement, unlimited fast and reliable internet connection. But there is a limit. This is what they call Fair Use Policy that will limit your speed if you reach their data cap or data limit.

Anyway, today's topic will focus on ways to have free unlimited internet for globe tattoo and smart bro users nationwide. All we need to have is a dummy account in CPROXY.

1. Download the latest version of CPROXY
2. Install and Open.
3. Make a dummy account using your email address. (One email will last for 3-days so it is advisable not to use your personal email rather, a disposable one)
4. After registration, you will be receiving email from them about your account's USER ID and PASSWORD
5. Put it on your Preference Tab as shown below.
free internet, globe tattoo, smart bro, cproxy, tips and tricks
6. Select a server on the dropdown.
7. Close CPROXY program as well as the one in your system tray.
8. Connect to your Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro Broadband modem by doing this step, start>connect_to>wireless_broadband>dial (Connecting directly to your dashboard will make everything that we have done useless!)
9. Finally, open CPROXY and voila, you have unlimited free internet connection!

Aside from using software like CPROXY, you can also try to change your PC's mac address or fooling the network's signal by means of redundant registration to their promo like this trick I just recently posted. 

Bookmark this blog as I update you with some more tips and tricks for unlimited free internet for Globe and Smart subscribers!!!

Free Premium Mac Address for Globe and Smart Users

Aside from fooling the system of Telco, there is another way of getting free internet without registering to other promos. I tried this before and it worked fine but then again, nothing is constant except change so this method needs to be updated almost everyday and I am telling you, it is a miracle if this trick will last for a week!

This trick is by the help of MAC address of our PC. 

Ellen Adarna Scandal Photos Available!

Have you seen Ellen Adarna's daring and revealing magazine cover for ESQUIRE? What can you say? Is it scandalous enough or so artsy?

Ellen adarna scandal, sexy, hot

(Tricks) Smart LTE Bug for Pocket Wifi's and Broadbands

For me, I prefer using my laptop in surfing the internet because the screen is so much bigger compared to my android phone and I can do a lot of things when using my laptop.

I only use my phone to check my email, IG, twitter and facebook account but for blogging, I use my laptop all the time.

So today, I am going to share you a trick on how to use your pocket wifi or Broadbands in getting a Smart LTE Bug so we can have a free internet without getting capped!

Free Internet with SMART LTE Bug

As I have said in my recent posts that are related to hacking a sim card for telco's to have a free internet service for android phones, broadbands and pocket wifi's, these hacking procedures are very easy to do and at the same time, very vulnerable against the IT peeps of those top providers (Globe and Smart).

Luckily,kudos to those forum members and admins who keep on posting some methods on how to bug a device to have free and unlimited internet speed that we all deserve.

Noselift and Alar Trimming in the Philippines [VIDEO]

After posting my previous entry about some clinics here in Manila that offer cheap noselift surgery procedure, I tried to search some videos about it and saw this on Youtube about his journey after undergoing noselift and Alar trimming here in the Philippines.

The dude above is Garry Merza. His nose before was better compared to mine but still, he decided to undergo the operation.

Best Place to Have a Noselift in the Philippines

Searching about this is one of my hobbies when I am online so I decided to make an entry about it for future use since I am planning to undergo an operation called Rhinoplasty or what most people refer to as Noselift.

Our nose is not only for smelling things, rather, it also gives us that confidence in facing people since our nose is the focal point of our face and believe it or not, people look on noses more often and lucky are those people who have that natural good nose, pointy as they say.

Globe Tattoo Butas Trick 2014 for Free Unlimited Internet

Butas Trick is a term used in pinoy forum sites that has something to do with unlimited internet browsing for free because nowadays, the top internet service providers ISP are all implementing this Fair Use Policy that will slow down or cap your internet speed (from 3G to 2G) once you reach the specific amount of data. Read this post to find out more about FUP.

Butas Trick is very hard to find because it is unstable and GLOBE is so good in busting these so-called techniques. This 2014, there are updated ways on how to find loopholes in your GLOBE sim card for free unlimited internet connection. This time, it's for real.

Get the Fastest Smart LTE Signal with this APN Settings!

So I've heard you love to surf the internet like watching movies and TV shows or downloading files on Torrent or how about playing your favorite online games. But the problem is, a very very very poor internet connection that keeps on lagging. Don't you just hate it? Well, I do!

But worry no more because Smart has now this thing called LTE signal. LTE means Long Term Evolution.

It sounds so techy but it's main concept is to give us faster internet speed that can reach up to 100mbps. Oh god, imagine life with this kind of speed. Heaven!

Bypassing Globe 800 MB/ 1GB Data Promo with this Trick

I myself hate the fact that all of the top internet service providers here in the Philippines are implementing this policy so called Fair Use Policy that is really a pain in behind for prepaid and most of all, postpaid subscribers.

On my other blog, I posted some trend about how despise everything regarding FUP. And yes, I am a dissatisfied postpaid customer who just decided to switch to another ISP without finishing the contract!

Where to Buy Cheap but the Best Whey Protein in Philippines?

If you want to build some muscles all over your body, it is essential for all of us to take supplements like whey proteins that can help us to gain muscles quick compared to visiting the gym regularly alone. So let us say, you are so thin and you work out regularly and you can see the results in 6 months but if you are going to take in some powdered whey proteins with diets like balanced amount of carbs, then you can easily see the results in just 3 to 4 months!
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