Cool filipino teen bloggers

While uploading photos on my facebook account, I decided to google and search for a random keyword about cool filipino teen bloggers and hoping that I am one on the list. lol

Apparently, the search result is about blog directories and blog awards as well. I wonder when will be the right time where I can be awarded even the most trying hard blogger in the Philippines? So pathetic but that's still an award so I will still take it.

Avail Globe iPhone Forever Plan Promo now!

Globe is really doing something that is making their customers proud and satisfied and taking a leap because they are doing it better than any other network provider. With their newest promo called Globe iPhone Forever plan promo, every globe customer can now get their iPhones every year without paying an upfront fee!

All you need to do is to subscribe to the plan on top of your old plan like MySuperPlan and Platinum Plans, and you will be eligible for a brand new phone without waiting for 2 long years! Oh, don't forget to surrender your old iPhones.
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